Mission Critical Machined Components

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CNC Machining

CNC Machining is our specialty.  Simple or complex, we take on projects with full commitment.  Zero Hour Parts has many CNC machines ready to take on your critical parts including 5 axis milling and 4 axis live turning.

Support Processes

EDM, grinding, heat treating, anodize, chem film, and many more. Zero Hour Parts will take on the respnsibility for the quality of your final parts, including additional processing steps before or after the machining process.


Quality is our number one priority.  Zero Hour Parts inspects 100% of components manufactured before they are released to ship.  Official inspection reports done with NIST certified equipment can be provided as required.

Personal Service

Zero Hour Parts will jump through hoops to get you the high quality, fully completed part that you need.  Your urgent need is what we have built Zero Hour Parts to do.


Quality components verified to your requirements is our highest priority.  Our world class quality inspection capability will ensure your part meets your needs before your parts are delivered to your facility.


Zero Hour Parts has been designed as an organization to be agile and meet deadlines previously thought impossible.   Your schedule will be respected and our commitment is unwavering.

5 Axis Machining

FreeForm Subtractive

Simple to Complex, Zero Hour Parts Delivers!

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