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“We trust Zero Hour Parts with our mission critical componets.  Zero Hour Parts has been a great partner with Genesis for over 5 years.  It is a relief having the quality and delivery of our components in the capable hands of Zero Hour Parts.”


-Anna Christensen, Genesis Engineering


Genesis Engineering, while working with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center on the Neutron Star Interior Composition Explorer (NICER) partnered with Zero Hour Parts to manufacture several critical components for this space based telescope.  The optical bench manufactured by Zero Hour Parts was a very challenging component, made from rolled aircraft grade Aluminum. Measuring 47x38x2.5 inches and demanding extremely flatness on which mounts the 56 X-ray photon detectors.  Zero Hour Parts understood the difficulty in providing an extremely flat surface in the unconstrained condition and sucessfully met tolerances and delivering on time.  Zero Hour Parts also manufactured the major structural components, the size of which required permentant modifications to our equipment, an easy decision to be made to support one of our best customers.

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