Designing for Sheet Metal Fabrication: The Complete Guide

Contents1 Why Sheet Metal?2 How is Sheet Metal Being Used?3 Sheet Metal Fabrication Techniques3.1 Cold forming processes:4 A Brief History of Sheet Metal5 What Types of Sheet Metal Are There?5.1 Popular Sheet Metal Materials: Why Sheet Metal? Sheet metal can be used for a wide variety of applications. Sheet metal can be extremely advantageous depending […]

5 Things to Know About Part Tolerances for CNC Machining

Enrich your knowledge about tolerances for CNC machining, through learning about implications when tightening the range and the ways your existing tolerance range relies on various factors. 1. Tolerances are the allowable range for a dimension, usually expressed as “+/-’’. The designer determines this based on the fit, form, and function of the part. If […]

Selecting a Rapid Prototyping Process: Rapid Prototyping Methods

The key to making your product stand out amongst the rest and having a competitive advantage through utilizing quick prototyping to produce parts to check and make sure the components fit and work as they should. This will help you beat your competition by getting your design to market quicker. Depending on the outcome of […]

Metal Fabrication Guide: The Complete Guide to Manufacturing Metal Parts

Rocks are all around us. They are the ground that we walk on and the building blocks of our homes and organizations. Every metal is derived from the minerals and ores that are located in the ground. Luckily for civilization today we have the technology to extract the raw materials found in the earth’s crust and process them into a variety of alloys. Alloys are a combination of metals or metals that are combined with other elements.