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Fast, Reliable, Incredibly Accurate CNC Turning


At our Michigan plant, we produce precision-machined CNC turned parts requiring a high tolerance. Our equipment has a precision capability of +/-0.0002 inches on demanding features, including off-axis milling and turning. Our plant is capable of producing parts up to 18 inches in diameter and 22 inches long, allowing us to produce a broad range of shapes and sizes in an assortment of materials.

If you need turned or mill/turned parts and are on a tight deadline, we will deliver. We are known for our responsiveness, our rapid turnaround, and our expertise.

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology and precision machinery, we can create complex parts with incredible accuracy and speed. This helps us get your parts faster and allows you to predict your timelines more reliably.

Whether you need a single part or a full production run, we are ready when you are.

When you request your quote, we will provide you with our recommendations, based on your design and the intended use.

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